Saturday, November 22, 2008


There is nothing worse than the sound of a persistent cough. Especially if it's your child's cough. And especially when it sounds like a barking seal.

That was Tuesday. We promptly visited the dr. and got some drugs to fend-off the nasty Croup Cough. Which seemed to work, as the Bark went away by Thursday.

But the Bark has been replaced by the Chest Cough. It's raspy and violent and you can just tell it hurts him to cough. My poor baby. He's been coughing a lot the last 24 hours.

So here it is Saturday, and we have a touch of bronchitis in our house. Not good. Especially since we have social plans both tonight and tomorrow that we have now had to cancel. Oh well, those are the breaks. We're on antibiotic now, so hopefully he is better by Monday. Or at least Wednesday, because I don't want a sick baby on a major holiday.


Timmie Smith said...

Poor Drew Bear. That steroid for the croup is the nastiest tasting medicine I think they make. Oddly enough, it's also the only medicine Ana would take without a fight. She'd make the most awful face, but she wouldn't try to get away from it.

I hope the antibiotics work for you guys. Sick babies are never fun.

Katie Lady said...

Drew takes medicine like no kid I've ever seen. Multiple people have commented on it. I say 'time to take your medicine!' and he runs to the bathroom like it's the greatest idea he's heard all day.

Our prednisone tasted like grape. I got it on my hand and licked it off....pretty tasty.

Bubba's Sis said...

Bless his heart! As the mother of a former croupy kid, I know what you are going thru! Give him a kiss from Aunt Jillie!

Anonymous said...

Nathan was on antibiotics for green oozing from his eyes and nose. Little hack too. All cured with modern medicine.

Emma has an almost constant dry cough. I don't understand what causes this. Don't want to drug her up unnecessarily.

BTW- We went with Allied. FWIW, this City is too cold right now. Bring on the TX heat!

Pigs said...

Poor kiddo. Hope he feels better.

The Copp Chronicles said...

Calan is also suffering from this. We went to the doctor two weeks ago and he got a steroid shot and it got better for a bit but now it has come back two-fold. I totally relate because he keeps waking up all night from his coughing. I hope it goes away by Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Nate ended up with the croup. On Steroids. Did you notice he was more aggravated on steroids? Toddler roid rage?