Friday, October 17, 2008

Deck Project, Day 7

Friday, October 17th

We're done! Well, Jimmy's done. That's him playing guitar enjoying the new deck. Did I mention he's a fantastic musician? I love just sitting listening to him play and sing. Bonus if it's with my Mama and Papa. They used to all play/sing together when we lived back in Austin when I was a wee babe. That's how long Jimmy's known me.

Anyway, we are likely going to stain it, but that won't happen until next week, so I'm considering us done! I'm so pleased, it's exactly what we wanted, and better than we pictured. That second bench that Jimmy's sitting on is actually moveable, so we can put it where we want as we need to. Cool, huh?

Now we just need a few more chairs to welcome friends when they come visit! And maybe a table so we can dine al fresco on occasion. Or all the time. The weather's perfect for it now.

Thanks again, Jimmy!

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Bubba's Mom said...

That looks so great!! I love it! What a guy that Jimmy is. Your family has great friends. Can't wait to sit out there and sip me a margarita made by Bubba's Dad.

cjh said...

That looks fantastic. Good choice on one moveable bench. And I love the addition of a few plants and a DrewBear in that last picture.

Katie Lady said...

What about Bubba? He's a good addition, too. ;)

Mike in NY said...

Awesome. So, I guess Bubba got his Tim-the-tool-man time with the power tools, huh? Aghh! Aghh!

Bubba's Sis said...

I LOVE IT!!! It looks great!

MollyJ said...

Some of Jimmy's finest work! And I agree.... the additions of flowers, Bubba, and Drew-Bear make it that much better! :) I can't wait to sit out there and have a glass of vino with you next month!