Friday, September 5, 2008

God Winks

I realize I'm a bit behind with updates on how Drew is doing in school and how my new job is going. Both are fine, so I'll gloss over those and get to some really eerie things. Well, they are either eerie, or God Winks. Or just things that happen to me all the time. Just ask Bubba's Mom. I could play Six Degrees of Separation on myself!

God Wink No. 1:
I take Drew to his first official day at his new school, and as we are pulling into the parking lot, I notice a woman on the sidewalk who looks very familiar to me. I see her again inside, and sure enough, it's a girl I sang with in Longhorn Singers in college. She knew exactly who I was and we both just laughed, as we hadn't seen each other in over 10 years. Turns out this is the church she grew up in, and her kids both go to the school here, and I met her son Austin the week before, as he just got moved up to the class above Drew. AND, AND, AND!!! They live very close to us, in the other neighborhood we were considering when we moved here. She even gave me the numbers of all her doctor's and we hope to have a regular breakfast date after dropping the kids off at school.

Eerie, I tell ya.

God Wink No. 2:
I met the gal down the street who has twin babies last week, and she invited me to the neighborhood mom's club. I am glancing down the roster and spot the wife of one of my ex-coworkers, whom I knew lived 2 blocks up and would be involved, as she's a SAHM. Not a surprise at all. Then I notice another name on the list, a long-lost friend who Bubba and I lost touch with when we moved to NYC. She has a very unusual last name, so I knew that it had to be her. Her husband actually married Bubba and I! The last we'd heard from them they lived in another part of Dallas and had just had a baby. Now, come to find out, they live 2 blocks up from us, and I pass their house EVERY DAY on the way to Drew's school. Let alone all the times we pass their house with Drew in the stroller on our evening walks. Gives you chills, huh? WHAT a small world, and what a way for God to bring us back together! I promptly email her to confirm that it is, actually, the person I'm thinking of, and we walked over there that night!

God Wink No. 3:
The house next door to us went on the market about the time we moved in, and we didn't know it had sold until we met the new neighbors 2 days ago. We've been hoping that another young couple would buy it, mainly so we could make friends with them and make use of their pool. We're shallow like that. :) Well, it IS a young couple, and they have one little boy who is a year older than Drew! We are so excited!


All of these occurances just prove to me that we are in the right place for us, that God has indeed been watching out for us and is in control.

And thank God for THAT!


Roxanne said...


Pigs said...

I'm thinking you picked the right house!

Roxanne said...

Hey, God is winking up a storm over here this morning, about all kinds of things! I really like that expression. I had never heard it before I read this blog entry yesterday. And pigs, that is the cutest avatar ever, reminds me of 'babe'!

Bubba's Sis said...

Don't you just love God Winks? I agree - He is affirming to ya'll that you are in the right place! How cool!

Bubba's Mom said...

You are an amazing woman, Katie B. There is nobody I know that can run into people - even in NYC, the hub of the world! - that you knew in high school! I do agree that God Winks (a phrase not original to me, alas) are God's way of confirming that He is with us and we are in the right place. And, I absolutely love when they happen!!