Sunday, February 4, 2007

Progress, So-To-Speak

On Thursday I found out that I'm 1cm dilated and 30% effaced (thinned). Not great, but definitely better than nothing. Prior to that, I'd been 'tight as a tick,' as my Grandadder would have said. Progress! But not enough for me to think I'd be going into labor over the weekend. Which Bubba was very happy to hear. I really want to go into labor this weekend, as my dr. is on call all weekend, and I'm ready for this baby to not be inside me any more!

On Friday afternoon, after a walk, I lost part of my mucus plug! (This is really gross, and for those of you who really didn't want to know that, too bad. Pregnancy is not that gross, but birth really kind of is. It's beautiful, but it's gross at the same time.) This is very exciting, as the majority of women go into labor within 3 days of losing it. PROGRESS!!! Bubba and I went out for a dinner and a movie date, and he kept looking at me like I might pop at any time. And, he was not too excited to hear that I might go into labor that night. I was having some contractions, but not a whole lot, and they weren't bad at all.

Nothing happened Friday night, but Saturday morning after another walk, I lost MORE plug! Took it easy yesterday, bounced on my ball, nothing happening. But at dinner last night I lost MORE of it! How big is this stupid thing? How much more if it can there be?

So now it's Sunday morning, and I'm still here. ~sigh~ Better go for a walk and bounce on my ball. Hopefully that will get things moving!


Bubba's Sis said...

Oh, Baby Dreeeeeewwww.......come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

Eddie said...

Um, congrats on losing your mucous plug? LOL! Seriously, here's hoping for a safe and easy delivery.

cjh said...

Congrats! He's beautiful. Can't wait to hear all the gruesome details!