Monday, August 29, 2005

Geez I'm Old

My baby brother turns 21 today. Happy birthday Colin! Welcome to my side of legal! About 3:30 this afternoon, 21 years ago, Grandadder was picking me up at school to take me to the hospital where I had a new baby brother! Gross, a brother! But you were super cute, and I can still remember you sucking your index finger (even thought I STILL have no idea how you did that!), holding your little diaper, and riding around on the wooden horse in the front yard with your little boots on the wrong feet! You were so cute! Now look at're a cute OLD guy now! Time flies....

If you're a single female out there in the DC/Baltimore area and looking for a cute sensible guy, just let me know. If you're lucky, I'll put in a good word for you.

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Mollina said...

Ah, yes, the index finger, the diady (Mama-ism form of diaper.... how do you spell that? I just guessed), and boots on the wrong feet. He was so cute then. Wonder what went wrong. :) Wish you could have been here for the celebration, but we'll have fun sitting at a bar, all three of us, Thanksgiving weekend!