Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nothing to Report

Seriously. Absolutely nothing. My life has been pretty boring lately. Still no test scores, sorry to disappoint you. I DID recently go on vacation to Hilton Head, SC, and it was FABULOUS!!! Mainly because I was in desperate need of a vacation. On top of that, not much to report. Work is not very fun, no choir shows, nothing to really bitch about. Well, nothing worth writing about, anyway. Nada.

Ooh, ooh, I DO have a crazy New York story, though! Joel and I were on the way home from work one night this week, and we ended up on the train with 'The Talker.' We go to our normal spot to wait for the train (yes, such a thing DOES exist), and we should have kept walking because there was a man standing there just talking to himself and complaining very animatedly about the train not coming. Continuous drivel about how this always happens to him, any time he wants to go somewhere, etc. And it didn't stop there! A pregnant woman and her daughter were standing there, too, and he looked at her and said 'Do you have room in your apartment for another kid?' So, Joel and I were just avoiding him so he wouldn't 'talk' to us! He talked the entire time on the train, too! It was quite funny, actually, after I got over the uncomfortableness (is that a word?) of his jabber. It was very Woody Allen. In fact, he sounded like Woody Allen, with his whiny voice!

Also, the weather is much better now. In fact, it's almost chilly today! And it's 2 days before the solistice! I'm loving it....
What should I get Joel for our anniversary? It's our 4th, on July 7th. Ideas?


Pigs said...

I got Mike a great anniversary present! Oh wait, no I didn't. I forgot. Strike that.

Keely said...

Head up to Lake George - it's lovely.
Katie - it is so good to see you back posting. You have been missed.