Thursday, April 14, 2005

D-Day minus 1

Well, it's here. The Test. The thorn in my side for 3 months is finally here. Tomorrow at 6:45am, a black car will arrive outside my apartment to whisk Joel and I to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn by 7:30. For a grueling 8 hour day. We each have our bags of books packed and have been relaxing today. I took the day off to relax, get a pedicure, watch a few SATC re-runs (I think I'm obsessed), read my book, sit outside in the sun, and just thoroughly enjoy myself and my day off. We're ordering in (our favorite take-out, Saigon Grill) and going to bed early. So far, there are no nerves. I'm not promising anything tomorrow, so say a little prayer for me. Then I will be a free woman! Wish me luck! Fingers crossed!


Pigs said...

Good luck!!! And how ABOUT that black car? Hee.

C-Shock-N-Awe said...

Bueno Suerte!! to you and Joel. I tested last October. It is a tough day, but well worth it.